Adventures in the Land of Internet Nutrition Plans: Day 3

I’m still doing this?

This is my Pitt-themed breakfast. (Because it’s in a Pitt jar that I got for free when I was a freshman for some reason. All of the meals on the site are in cute little jars and I wanted mine to look like that too, but it didn’t really work at all).

It’s greek yogurt, chopped up almonds, chopped up blackberries, and ground flaxseed. A lovely parfait if I do say so myself. The almonds give it a nice crunch – I didn’t miss the usual calorific granola.

I was iffy about lunch – an asian salad made primarily of raw cabbage.


This is the first meal of the challenge that I actually couldn’t even finish because I got too full. The cabbage has a more interesting taste than the usual spinach or mixed salad greens, and it goes well with the soy-based dressing. There were more almonds on the salad, plus chicken and carrots.

My snack was an avocado with lemon, salt, and pepper.


I love guacamole. I love avocado on salads and sandwiches. But eating a raw avocado by itself is not my favorite thing. It has kind of a subdued flavor that just gets boring after a while. The lemon really helped with that, as did the salt and pepper. Plus it’s a pretty filling snack.

Dinner was something I was totally not looking forward to. “Cauliflower steaks” (2 giant chunks of cauliflower) and lentils. Sounds super boring and sad when the rest of your family is eating homemade pizzas, right?


I cut two giant chunks out of the center of the head of cauliflower and coated them in olive oil and put them in the oven for a half hour, flipping halfway through.

I also made my first batch of lentils.


They had some paprika and some soy sauce and I forget what other kinds of seasonings. They take a while to cook, though, which I wish someone had warned me about beforehand because I started them at 6:30. 😦

(I couldn’t possibly read ahead.)

So the cauliflower was done way before the lentils. I boxed up all the little cauliflowers to use for a breakfast later.


When all was said and done, I had this:


And I gotta say, it was surprisingly fantastic. I’d make this again for sure. (There’s a lot more lentils involved than what you can see, but I still had plenty of lentils leftover for future salads, etc.)


My evening snack was a cup of milk and some dark chocolate melted in. I could’ve also just drank the milk and eaten the little square of chocolate, but I wanted to make the chocolate last longer. 🙂

Click here for Day 2.


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