Adventures in the Land of Internet Nutrition Plans: Day 2

Welcome back to the land of fiber and omegas.

Last night I had to take some Pepto before bed for stomach pains. My innards are like “Whoa, lady, slow your roll on the fiber?” Alas, innards, you will soon thank me for this. Maybe.

Day 2 breakfast was “overnight oats.” Which means you get some oats, and you get some milk, and some yogurt, and you put it in the fridge. And then like 8 hours later you get it out and eat it. I love this breakfast method. I want all breakfasts to prepare themselves while I sleep.


The little black nubbins are chia seeds, which are supposed to be magically good for you. Which also apparently makes them magically expensive.

Still drinking my black coffee, still not feeling particularly energetic. I have been drinking loads of water, also, to combat the feeling of hunger.


This thing is a fennel! I was supposed to “thinly slice” this and layer it on my salad (of kale, obviously). I didn’t know which part was the eating part though. I originally thought it was the stringy green things, but Google astutely informed me that the bulb part is the targeted eating substance. Fennel looks like an onion, smells like licorice, and tastes like neither.


I also got to have chickpeas on the salad. They were supposed to be right out of the can, but I threw them in the oven for a few minutes because I don’t find the idea of raw chickpeas all that appetizing for some reason.

A decent salad, though not as good as yesterday’s lunch.

My afternoon snack was amazing, but I think that’s because I went slightly over par on the feta. Because I love cheese. It’s pretty simple though – a tomato with the usual.


I was excited about dinner. Cabbage wraps with avocado, chicken, mango, tomato.


They were really tasty, but they got pretty drippy when I put them in the cabbage wraps. I had to make a lime vinagrette to coat everything and I’m pretty sure most of it wound up on my plate.


Evening snack was an orange, so I didn’t take a picture of that because you probably know what an orange looks like.

Also, last night I cheated again. Megsquared was reunited and sangria occurred. I feel partially ashamed, and partially not.

Click here for Day 1.


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